Albertslund Cycle

It has been unreal moving to Copenhagen, and submerging myself into the urban design world once again. My final design proposal whilst studying at QUT was a speculation for Alberslund Syd. It proposed a concept of urban gardening and bicycle recycling as a  means for the community to support itself in a tough economic environment. The organisations and individuals i have met since moving here are actively contributing to this reality. Not in Alberslund Syd itself but throughout Copenhagen.

Creative Roots, a co-creative collective I have become involved with who are based in Fredricksberg, are working on a number of exciting projects that will involve the greater community to have an active roll in the resign of their public urban space. Including pop up gardens, open lads and street activation strategies.

Byhaven2200, which i could rave on and on about, is such a lovely place. Through focusing strongly on permaculture principles, this community garden is thriving in both social, political and environmental aspects. Every Wednesday 3-6pm and Saturday 12-3pm keen gardeners gather together to get there hands dirty. The reward is plentiful. This week I harvested so much leafy green veg, including kale, silverbeet varieties, lettuce, oregano, sage, mint, parsley, corn flowers and more.

It is a fantastic feeling to fall asleep at night smiling about how what was once a visualisation has become my reality.

I was honorer to receive the Landscape Architecture  Australia prize for design communication in 2011 for Alberslund Cycle


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