Kastrup Sea Baths – Kastrup Søbad

This morning I woke at 5am to the Scandinavian blue sky out my window, the sun already high in the sky.

The Kastrup Sea Bath is a joyful 45 minute bike ride out of Copenhagen. This timber structure sits 50m off shore and provides a unique bathing experience. The circular shape alludes to traditional ways of bathing. Whether it be a waterhole in the Australian bush, a Finnish sauna, or a Turkish bath the space feels communal and inclusive. Although the detailing still allows for privacy, you don’t feel over exposed while sunning your body.

One thing I love about Danish bathing structures is that there is no shortage of diving boards. Here we have a 3m and a 5m opportunity for kids to fling themselves into the deep blue see.

The timber walls that surround the bathing area have been carefully designed to block the wind. This is defiantly useful, but it’s a tiny shame that they also block the view out to Sweden.

All in all, a great place to spend a sunny morning.



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