Hammock by the Harbour

Street furniture, in my experience, is to often something chosen from an overly restricting schedule. The result, an uncomfortable, durable, permanently fixed structure. It probably has metal insets to discourage skaters and awkwardly spaced dividers, that make it uncomfortable for a person to relax.

Designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard have done the opposite. Beside the Harbour, Hammocks or swings made from recycled fire hoses allow users to relax comfortably. This non static street furniture is all about fun! It creates a dynamic environment for social development by giving an adult user group a place of playfulness and comfort.

Imagine how good our cities could be if we allow more space for street furniture to provide our population with relaxation, playfulness and fun in their daily lives.

Read more here

Does anyone know where the swings have been relocated to? They are no longer at DAC.



Photos by Jair Straschnow


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