Month: March 2015

Dome of Vision – Thinking outside the square

The Dome of Visions is a 3-story transparent dome structure that is currently located on the harbour’s edge in central Copenhagen. It houses a small building, fragrant plats and trees and a small multi-use space.

The driving vision behind the Dome is future sustainable architecture. How it can be incorporated into the existing urban fabric, the spaces between buildings and how we can attract life into these places through social architecture.

It is a project that unlike a lot of contemporary danish architecture, it seeks to learn from doing. Seeing how the space actually functions climatically and socially rather then predicting how it might, by spending  much time and energy on talk, reports and glossy computer generated graphics.

In its daily function it provides the platform for cultural events but most importantly a space for conferences and debates for construction professionals. Dome of Visions must challenge the construction industry and material producers responsibility when it comes to solving future climate challenges and try to find concrete answers on how the industry can create buildings that are both resource- and energy-optimized and economically viable.

Dome of Vision - Construction detail Dome of Vision - Close Up