Slippery Slide

Successful urban spaces are plentiful in Copenhagen. But what is it that makes nearly every block in the city have such a vibrant and lively outdoor environment? What I have noticed is that spaces are treated as pieces of a city puzzle. Not every place has every possible function occurring. They are treated as a segment of a bigger picture, respecting that is already working well just around the corner.

This fun square is in the neighbourhood of Nørrebro is such a piece. It simply hosts a slide for children to play on. Perfectly positioned and scaled it fits into it’s location. The square draws children from across the neighbourhood to come slide and mingle. It doesn’t offer everything you might need in a public space. But what it does offer, it does a wonderful job at.

This puzzle piece approach also results in species that are not overtly dedicated to one user group. While children laugh, slide and have fun you can also find adults reading a newspaper or chatting with friend. Un phased that they are occupying a playground.



Warm Welcome – Varm Velkomst

I couldn’t be happier! Two weeks after arriving in this city, and making the big decision that Copenhagen will be home for a while, I can’t help but smile at how a random choice landed me in such a great place. On my first day in town in found myself wandering through the streets of Norrebro, a vibrant inner suburb, once a dead beat part of town, that now bursts with life. Both street life and landscape life.

Norrebro is home to Byhaven2200 a community permaculture garden. This garden not only bursts with produce but also with a wonderful community. I am stoked to have found this place and been  welcomed into it with such open arms.

There is much I want to write about Landscape architecture, urban design and community gardens. But I want to save it for later. For when I have more clarity on the subject. I will post my discoveries on urban gardening and who knows what we might find.

Julia in urban pop up garden in Carlsberg area of Copenhagen

Julia in urban pop up garden in Carlsberg area of Copenhagen